Midtown Congratulates Vanessa Peterson

Employee of the Month


Vanessa was nominated for:

  • Being willing to help others
  • Smiling through the good and the overwhelming times
  • Keeping patient care as #1 priority
  • For going above and beyond
  • Helping with referral authorizations
  • Doing an outstanding job during rotations and completing each
  • required task
  • Being a team player
  • Being efficient with completing a supply list

As an expression of our appreciation for being an outstanding employee, Vanessa received an Amazon gift card in the amount of $200.00. She will also be attending the Colorado Women’s Chamber luncheon in July as Midtown’s guest.

Blanca Macias was nominated for being willing to help wherever she is needed.  Blanca was also mentioned in a vote stating “she is always a hard worker; this is nothing new-it’s just nice to remember her from time to time”.  Christie Sanchez was nominated for helping out with drug screens and physicals when we were shorthanded, “Love you Christie”. She was also nominated for her willingness to help find charts and physical paperwork, even when they don’t pertain to her. Christie was nominated for having a positive attitude while working under stressful situations and for offering help with reviewing charts.  Christina Rodriguez was nominated for being an awesome supervisor and for being willing to help even when she is busy herself.   She was also nominated for helping with the referral authorizations and for being a great teacher. Denise Pettenger was thanked for her hard work in the business development area. Israel Viurquez was nominated for helping out wherever he is needed and for his positive attitude.  Israel also had a client call compliment-Neal with Garney Construction called in and said that “Israel was professional during his on-site visit.  He made the employees feel comfortable, he adapted well and was an all -in-all professional”. Thank you Israel for your awesome work and how you represent Midtown.    Karina Alvarez was nominated for helping with filing the charts.   Luis Martinez was nominated multiple times “Luis has such a positive attitude, he is professional and friendly with everyone and makes Midtown an even more pleasant place to work.” He was also nominated for being a big team player who possesses a leadership attitude. “He plays a big role on the drug screen and physical side.”  Luis was also nominated for working hard- everyday.  For cleaning the fit test boxes and re-organizing them.  He was nominated for always staying busy and finding things to do and for being the best all around, hardest working employee.  Luis was also nominated for being such an amazing co-worker, always having a positive attitude and for being great with helping others.  Maritza Guzman was nominated for working hard with a smile on her face.  Monica Flores was nominated for doing her job at the front desk so well “you rock”. She was also nominated for training the new front desk personnel and for her willingness to step in a new role “growth is great”. Nina Santana was nominated for how well she takes care of the front desk, no matter how busy it is.  “Nina is a rock star!”.  Randy Moreno was nominated for helping with drug screen collections and physicals and for making sure everything is in order before the patient leaves. “You’re the Bomb”.  He was also nominated for helping out where help is needed and for having a great attitude. Sandra Bocanegra was nominated for being a team player and for being willing to help others who are falling behind, with no hesitation.

Sandra Castellano was nominated for being a great team player with an awesome personality.  “She has a great attitude with both patients and co-workers.” Also for volunteering in helping out with other tasks “Thanks Sandra C”.   Svetlana Railsback was nominated for being a great help with x-rays, for helping with drug screens without hesitation and for being a team player with the billing department.  Tanya Rickett was thanked for helping out every day with clients and helping Midtown meet their needs.
Way to go Midtown Employees-We had another fantastic Month!!!

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