Midtown Congratulates Roxana Guerrero



Roxana was nominated for:

  • Covering kitchen duty when it wasn’t her week
  • Being available to help when you need her
  • Coming along way with growth in her position
  • Being nice and very helpful
  • Willing to learn new tasks without hesitation
  • Being friendly with patients as well as co-workers
  • No matter how busy she is, she will stop and help you
  • Being kind
  • Respectful and considerate of others
  • Being Professional

As an expression of our appreciation for being an outstanding employee, Roxana received a Target gift card in the amount of $200.00.

She will also be attending the Colorado Women’s Chamber luncheon in August as Midtown’s guest.

The entire Billing Department was recognized for working together and showing a team effort

Bianca Corpus was nominated for helping “EVERYONE”. She comes in happy, ready to work, willing to learn and she works extremely hard -GO Bianco! Bianca was nominated another time for being a hard worker. Christie Sanchez was nominated 4 times! Once for being a hard worker, being funny and willing to help out. She was also nominated for covering drug screen collections whenever we get slammed “You rock Christie!”. Christie was nominated a third time for going the extra mile with helping others and often without being asked. Also for her positive, cheerful attitude. She was nominated a fourth time for helping with drug screens, helping at the front desk, and for her smile.  Diana Roque was nominated for helping, even when she is busy “she is just awesome!” Grace Roberts was nominated for being willing to cover wherever she is needed which equals = TEAMWORK! Grace was also nominated for cleaning the entire conference room after a luncheon when all she was asked to do was put out the burners. Haydee Palma was nominated for stepping it up at the front desk. Israel Viurquez was nominated for consistently offering to help find charts, cover the front desk and cover for medical assistants who are out unexpectedly. He was also nominated for being on task and helping out wherever he is needed. Jasmine Herrera was nominated for volunteering to drop of bank deposits, also for helping to complete the deposit slips, “Thanks for the help”. Jorge Torres was nominated for helping around, even when he has a full schedule “Thank You-You Rock!”. Karina Alvarez was nominated and thanked for helping co-workers when they are in need of help, before they ask “You are awesome!”. Kristen Shiramizu was nominated for consistently showing a team spirit, also for picking up around the Rehabilitation Department-including the lobby, and for helping with laundry. Mayra Morales was nominated for her smile while helping out with drug screens. Michael Brown was nominated for being efficient and willing to help out by taking on responsibilities in addition to his own. “Mike has a professional, friendly approach and great rapport with both patients and co-workers”. Monica Flores was nominated for checking out a patient during a busy time “You Rock!”. Also for helping the Medical Assistants with their no-show charts. Nina Santana was nominated for being awesome at the front desk. “She has her work cut out for her and does an excellent job”. Olivia Carman was nominated for taking the initiative to assist Grace with cleaning the conference room after a luncheon and putting the food away. Randy Moreno was nominated for always being willing to help-with a smile. Sandra Castellano was nominated for her patience while teaching others, and for her fun and positive attitude. She was also nominated for being a hard worker. Scott Chasse was nominated for picking up around the Rehabilitation Department, helping with laundry and for his team spirit. Svetlana Railsback was nominated for being willing to help on the drug screen side, and cover x-ray with a “yes” and a smile. Tanya Rickett was nominated for adjusting her schedule to help cover for vacations and for staying late on a Monday to help out on the drug screen side. Vanessa Peterson was nominated for being a team player- “You rock!”

WOW!!! We had 21 nominees this month, that is almost half of our staff. This speaks volumes as to the quality team we have. Keep up the good work!

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