Midtown Congratulates Mayra Morales

August 2017



Mayra was nominated for:
o Creating an atmosphere of laughter in the office which keeps things positive
o Possessing knowledge with both billing and payment entry processes
o Helping with drug screen collections
o Willing to help (with a positive attitude) wherever she is asked
o Bringing confusing paperwork to my attention so it can be corrected
o Helping to post payments
o Taking time from her own work to help with drug screen and physical services
As an expression of our appreciation for being an outstanding employee, Mayra received a Target gift card in the amount of $200.00.
She will also be attending the Colorado Women’s Chamber luncheon in October as Midtown’s guest.

Christine Alvarado, Monica Flores and Tanya Rickett, were recognized for reviewing physical paperwork and helping staff to learn from their mistakes…Thank You Client Services!

Andrea Stribling was nominated for being a fast learner and even though she is new to Midtown; Andrea has done an awesome job in every position she has trained in. “Thank you, Andrea, for being willing to learn new tasks, wanting to help everyone around you and for your smiling positivity.” Andrea was also nominated for helping with opening the mail. Billy Smits was nominated for being very helpful with the front desk coverage in the Rehabilitation Department. “Thank you, Billy,”. Blanca Macias was nominated for making herself available to help others. Christie Sanchez was nominated for helping whenever and wherever she is needed, especially when drug screen collections get backed up. Diana Roque was nominated for helping others while completing her own responsibilities. Israel Viurquez was nominated for ALWAYS helping, even when he is busy. Israel has an awesome attitude, “Thanks for all your hard work Israel”. Kristen Shiramizu was nominated for always jumping in to get the job done, no matter what. She is also a great resource for taking care of issues or questions. She is greatly appreciated! Kyle Primeau was nominated for handling an extremely busy schedule for the last few months, he never compromises on patient care and always remains calm. “You’re the best Kyle”. Luis Martinez was nominated for being willing to help the Billing Office staff when they have questions regarding any billings, even if they are not associated with a physician he is assigned to. “You are awesome!”. Luis was also nominated for his positive attitude and willingness to help others. Luis was nominated a 3rd time for motivating others and always completing his work completed with a positive attitude. Maritza Guzman was nominated for being very kind, also for being good at keeping others updated on the status of patient referrals. Michael Brown was nominated for being a most helpful supervisor and never making you feel like he is too busy. Monica Flores was nominated twice for helping out at the front desk and teaching new employees the processes. Also for helping with sending referrals in Maritza’s absence and for helping out with No Shows even though she was busy with her own work. “She is very polite and awesome, We love You!. Monica was also nominated for filing and helping with finding charts. Olivia Carman was nominated for being willing to help the Medical Assistants and for always smiling. Ruby Radilla was nominated for offering to help find charts. Sandra Castellano was nominated for helping with drug screen collections in addition to assisting a physician. She was also nominated for helping assist any physician who needs help and for helping at the front desk on both sides without hesitation. She also helps find charts for others when she is not busy. Scott Chasse was nominated for jumping in and helping out wherever he is needed in the Rehabilitation Department, “Thank You”. Svetlana Railsback was nominated for being great; she is very helpful and friendly with co-workers. Also for helping out with drug screens and physicals without hesitation. Tanya Rickett was nominated for being available to others, even when she is busy. Trish Witherington was nominated for handling a very busy schedule for the past few months. She is also great with our Spanish speaking patients “Thank you Trish!”

It’s great to see we have nominations from many positions in all departments-excellence everywhere!

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