Midtown Congratulates Anilu Rivera-Pilado

Anilu Rivera-Pilado

October 2017

Anilu was nominated for:
 Having a positive attitude Being a great help to co-workers Lighting up Midtown Being a very hard worker Encouraging others when they are down Helping to find paperwork Her smile at the front desk is welcoming Being a team player Her kindness Preparing the front desk for the morning shift Teaching computer skills Working on no-show charts, successfully! Helping with kitchen duty when it is not her turn

As an expression of our appreciation for being an outstanding employee, Anilu received a Target gift card in the amount of $200.00. She will also be attending the Colorado Women’s Chamber luncheon in November as Midtown’s guest.
Andrea Lucero was nominated for stepping up on more than one occasion to handle new evaluations that were not on her schedule. “Thank you!”.  Brittaney Wade was thanked for helping others on her slow days and staying busy “You are awesome!”. She was also nominated for being a team player by stocking rooms. Another nomination was for making sure everyone was okay on the 3rd floor, then went to the Rehabilitation Department on the 2nd floor and asked if help was needed. They did need help with scanning into EMR, which she caught them up on. “Very appreciative” of Brittney, have not experienced that type of help before.  Christine Alvarado was nominated twice for the helping with the dishes when it was not her kitchen duty week.  Hannah Wolinsky was nominated for her expert quality assurance in finding errors before they get entered into the system “Thank you Hannah”.  Karina Alvarez was nominated for catching up the medical records scanning almost entirely on her first day back. “She is super helpful.” She also trained others in the Billing Department upon her return, for which she was thanked. “Thank you so much Karina”.  Kyle Primeau was nominated for handling a very busy schedule, being extremely flexible and never losing his smile. “He is great to work with-Thank you Kyle!”.  Luis Martinez was nominated for teaching Silvia about injectables, teaching Midtown’s high blood pressure protocol, and for being professional with patients.  Luvia Perez was nominated for doing her job at the front desk so well, and for her positive attitude. “Thanks, Luvia”.  Monica Flores was nominated for resolving errors and training the front desk on how to correct them before they get too far into the system. Also, for her patience with training the front desk staff along with handling her own responsibilities. She was also nominated for helping to find chart’s and putting them in the appropriate places. Nina Santana was nominated for her hard work at the front desk and for all the notaries she completes.   Richard Kraus, PA was nominated for always wanting the best for Midtown and for taking pride in his job. “You are one of a kind, thank you for all your hard work, I appreciate you!!”.  Roxanna Guerrero was nominated for offering to help find charts during her free time. For not complaining about finding charts and really stepping up when needed. “Roxie Really Rock’s, Ha!”. Sandra Castellano was nominated for being caring and loving, not only with patients, but co-workers as well.  Silvia Pineda was nominated for working hard and having a great attitude.  Svetlana Railsback was nominated for finding errors on paperwork and correcting, for covering in X-ray when Ryan is absent, and for helping with drug screens when they get busy.  Vanessa Peterson was nominated for finding needs and fulfilling the need without direction; as in finding charts, setting up rooms, cleaning rooms and no-show follow ups “Thank You”.

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