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Worker's Compensation Claims Management

Midtown Occupational Clinic plays an integral part in our Worker’s Compensation claims management. Everyone on their staff from the Front Desk personnel to the treating doctors are welcoming from the moment that you walk in. The physicians are very knowledgeable and provide excellent treatment plans to ensure that the employee is receiving the best care available. I never feel like I am left in the dark after leaving the clinic as their communication and professionalism is what sets them apart from any other clinic in town. If you want the best for both your company and your employees then I would highly recommend Midtown Occupational Clinic.

Steve Carpenter

Safety Manager, Dynalectric Colorado


Getting Injured Employees Back on Their Feet

As a Safety Manager for a construction company, part of my job entails helping injured employee get back on their feet quickly. To accomplish this, I needed a medical provider that offered excellent medical care, timely information, support services and a clear understanding of Work Comp law. I found this and a whole lot more at Midtown Occupation Health Care. 

They understand that Safety Professionals need to be included in the claim process so we can insure that employees follow doctors prescribed care, therapy and medication. I’ve always felt that Midtown was a partner in this process and that my employees benefited from our combined efforts.

Doctors and Staff are friendly, professional and available to answer questions when they arise and my guys have always had positive things to say about the care they received.

When it comes to medical care, you always have a choice and for my money the clear choice is Midtown Occupational Health every time!


One of the Best Medical Facilities in Denver

Midtown Occupational has got to be one of the best medical facilities in Denver. From the front staff to the doctors and everyone in between, they all have great attitudes and are always friendly. The doctors strive for constant communication to ensure patients and employers are up to date with the current health care being given and procedures to get the patient back to full health. The doctors also work with employers for any light duty work for the employee until he/she can fully perform their regular job. Our employees know the level of care/treatment they will receive at Midtown and that is why ten times out of ten they choose to be taken there. Whether a scheduled visit or not there isn’t much of a wait time before you are seen. If you do have to wait the waiting room is spacious and equipped with two TV’s. Overall a great place to go during what is usually an unfortunate time.

Luke Jurotich

Safety Manager