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Midtown Congratulates Nina Santana

Employee of the Month

By Denise Pettenger - April 5, 2017

Nina Santana
March 2017

Nina was nominated for:
  • Being the upmost professional with both patients and co-workers
  • Always striving to do her best
  • Being such a great help to the Medical Assistants with how she handles specialty physicals
  • Working hard while training others
  • Accomplishing the work of two people, efficiently and with a smile
  • Being polite
  • Staying on top of her tasks and being organized
  • “Nina Rocks”
  • Maintaining professionalism no matter how busy we are
  • Being positive, sweet and a great help to everyone
  As an expression of our appreciation for being an outstanding employee, Nina received a Target gift card in the amount of $200.00. She will also be attending the Hispanic Chamber Foundation luncheon in April as Midtown’s guest.

Anilu Rivera-Pillado was nominated for finding dictation and charts, gathering and starting the laundry and picking up shredding. Stocking patient care rooms and helping Monica with charts. Blanca Macias was nominated for helping Christie when she was swamped “Thank you Blanca”.   Christie Sanchez was nominated twice for helping out with drug screens and physicals. “You are awesome Christie!”  Diana Roque was nominated for her hard work in the billing office and was recommended for “Employee of the Year”.  Israel Viurquez was nominated for giving his best, ALL day-EVERY day! Justin Shimkus was nominated for taking on all supervisor responsibilities when the other two supervisors were out, doing his best and for taking responsibility to correct mistakes when they happen.  Justin was also nominated for being funny, helping out with drug screens and for being available to answer questions.  Leticia Piria was nominated for her smile and being willing to help others.   Luis Martinez was nominated five times!  He was nominated for his excitement and eagerness to learn, never complaining and always ready to help.  His patience when training, “he is the best”.  Being a professional and for being warm and welcoming with patients.  Treating co-workers with respect, and for his willingness to take on additional responsibility.  He was also nominated for always being on his feet. “We are happy to have Luis on our team”. Maritza Guzman was nominated for working hard and for going above and beyond obtaining authorization for referrals. She was also nominated for helping Christie with her no-shows “Thanks Ritzy”. Monica Flores was nominated for doing her job exceptionally well and for being a pioneer with electronic medical records.  She was also nominated for her positive personality, for working hard and for checking with others to see if they need help.  Ruby Radilla was nominated for doing what she is asked without complaining or giving attitude, even if she is already busy.  She was also nominated for helping out with the drug screen and physical side when it gets super busy. Sandra Castellano was nominated for being a SUPER and great person, always being willing to help.  For helping on the drug screen and physical side and showing up early in the morning so we don’t get backed up.  She was also nominated for having a positive attitude.  Oh and…Sandra was nominated for bringing food to feed others. Vanessa Peterson was nominated multiple times! For helping with obtaining referral authorizations, for sweeping up mud from the hallway, and for helping others with a positive attitude in stressful situations.  Vanessa was also nominated for being able to multi task, going above and beyond her MA duties and taking her responsibilities to a higher level. Starting the washing machine, finding charts, organizing dictations and for helping Maritza. For sharing ideas to create efficiency and for doing what needs to be done without being asked.
Shelly Leon was recognized for helping with keeping the kitchen clean and helping with emptying the dishwasher.
Thank you Shelly!
We had 13 nominees this month which is evidence of how exceptional our staff is.  Thank you to all our nominees and to those who nominated them!