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Midtown Congratulates Sandra Bocanegra

Employee of the Month

By Denise Pettenger - May 8, 2017

Sandra Bocanegra
April 2017

Sandra was nominated for:
  • Managing her tasks and finding time to help others
  • Being easy to work with
  • Fast learner, hard worker with very strong work ethic
  • Being awesome
  • Sending all bills out timely
  • Having a positive attitude
  • Her impressive ability to learn quickly
  • Helping others
  • Dedication to daily tasks
  • Being extremely helpful
  As an expression of our appreciation for being an outstanding employee, Sandra received a Target gift card in the amount of $200.00. She will also be attending the Colorado Women’s Chamber luncheon in May as Midtown’s guest.
Annilu Rivera-Pillado was nominated for being a wonderful person to work with.  “Annilu is kind and always willing to learn; she is learning the front desk processes well. Blanca Macias was nominated for helping with the physical therapy billing.  “It was amazing to see how fast you learned EMR and how quickly you billed the therapy services”.   Bob Andrus was nominated for being an awesome, hardworking, dedicated worker. “He is always so helpful and has a positive attitude”. Christie Sanchez was nominated for helping out with the drug screen collections, “you’re the bomb Shortie”. Christina Rodriguez was nominated for being willing to help others, for helping an employee in her department get caught up with their tasks and for her hard work and great ideas in the Billing Department.  She was also nominated for being an awesome supervisor.  Christine Alvarado was nominated for volunteering to train the medical assistants on the new no-show process in EMR.  She was also nominated for having positive ideas and for her willingness to take on a new role.   Denise Pettenger was nominated for handling her own responsibilities along with helping Heather cover for Bob “Well Done”, also for her work on the website. Grace Roberts was nominated for her professionalism with patients and their care.  She was also nominated for stocking treatment rooms and for being a team player.    Hanna Wolinsky was nominated for her great personality and for staying positive.  She was also nominated for her communication skills with the billing department regarding the physical therapy billing. “Keep up the awesome work”.  Heather Duran was nominated for working diligently over her weekend “time off” and for being dedicated to Midtown. Jorge Torres was nominated for making sure all supplies got billed and that the bills got to the billing department.  He was also nominated for having a positive attitude, “you are a team player”.  Karina Alvarez was nominated for being positive and for her smile.   Luis Martinez was nominated for doing an awesome job with drug screens and physicals. He was also nominated for his great attitude, even when stressful situations arise.  "He has the characteristics of a leader". Maritza Guzman was nominated for handling calls that were not her responsibility “you are a great team player”.  She was also nominated for smiling through stressful situations.  Mayra Morales was nominated for checking with her team to see who needs help once she has finished her work.  Diana thanks you for helping her when she feels overwhelmed.  Mayra is another “team player”. Monica Flores was nominated as she received accolades from a patient who went to the office manager to acknowledge what a great job she is doing. Pam Clatterbuck was nominated for handling her own responsibilities along with covering for Bob and covering for Heather, “Well Done”. Randy Moreno was nominated for helping with drug screen collections, physicals and patient care when he has extra time. He was also nominated for helping out the billing department during Bob’s absence, and for his positive attitude. Sandra Castellano was nominated for her willingness to help others and for her positive disposition.  Svetlana Railsback was nominated for helping others wherever she is needed, along with completing her own work. “You are a hard worker”. Tanya Rickett was nominated for answering questions and addressing concerns from the front desk personnel “You Rock”.  Vanessa Peterson was nominated for gathering her co-workers charts when they have the day off and for starting and finishing the laundry.  Vanessa was also nominated for stocking the patient treatment rooms that are assigned to her, also stocking the other patient care rooms with gowns, exam table paper, gloves, and the 12 items required in each top drawer along with the referral paperwork and order forms . Vanessa is “a real team player”. Zahida Sultana was nominated for her positive attitude throughout the day, her great work ethic, being a team player and for helping with kitchen duty.

A nomination was also submitted for the “Injury Care Team”, as they asked for help from each other and for how the team works together to the best patient care in a timely manner.
A nomination was made for the “Drug Screen Team” and how they recognize to ask for help before it gets too backed up. That is “TEAM work”.

The entire Billing Department was nominated for working as a team by helping each other not feel so overwhelmed and for asking each other for help.  
Mayra Karina, Svetlana and Christie received a nomination for their smiles while helping with drug screen collections.

Pam and Olivia were nominated for working diligently on their day off and for all of their Midtown Dedication.

Denise, Heather, Pam and Olivia were nominated for their team effort during Bob’s absence, for being “perfect party planners” and for their excellent organization skills –“much appreciation”.
A Note to All from Shelly: Prayers have been answered as Bob is recovering and Mrs Holmboe (Tami) is recovering; both from a near death experience…Can I get an “AMEN”!!