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Midtown Congratulates Blanca Macias

Employee of the Month

By Denise Pettenger - June 2, 2015

Blanca Macias
May 2015

     Blanca was nominated 7 times this month for Employee of the Month!   She definitely has had a positive impact on our Midtown team. Blanca was recognized for her communication skills, including incoming phone calls. More than one nomination was for helping out with drug screens with smile on her face, “Thank You!”.  She was also recognized multiple times for her positive attitude, for going above and beyond her Client Service Coordinator responsibilities; for helping wherever she is needed and for being a team player.
     Thanks Blanca for being a great example.  As an expression of our appreciation, Midtown awarded Blanca with a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card in the amount of $200.00.  She will also be attending the Colorado Women’s Chamber luncheon in June as Midtown's guest.
     Ana Velazquez was nominated for helping with drug screen collections without being asked. Carlos Zapata was nominated for excelling as a Medical Assistant and for his positive disposition which makes us all smile. Christina Rodriguez was nominated for being a team player and good leader with the billing team and for helping to train staff on filing appeals. Christine Alvarado was nominated for helping with interpreting. Dion Gonzales was nominated for training a coworker with the LabCorp instant testing computer program.   Dr. Raschbacher was nominated for being helpful and pleasant, giving great advice and for being a team player.  Fidel Parra was nominated for staying after his shift ended to help out. Heather Duran was nominated for keeping Midtown employees motivated and for working well with all of us.  Joanna Ibarra was nominated for being a team player and was also nominated for her positive attitude and willingness to help.  Karina Alvarez was nominated (again) for smiling while being helpful at both the Front Desk and Medical Assistant desk. Maritza Guzman was nominated for helping a co-worker during a tough situation and for helping in the billing department.  Ryan White was also nominated for helping the billing department and for smiling while he works.  Veronica Perez was nominated for doing a wonderful job at the front desk and for keeping a positive attitude while under pressure.  “Veronica has been a great addition to Midtown! “
     Midtown has many employees who get nominated each and every month for “Employee of the Month”. Being nominated often speaks volumes on your consistent work ethic, thank you to each and every nominee!