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Midtown Congratulates Flor Contreras

Employee of the Month

By Denise Pettenger - September 4, 2015

Flor Contreras
August 2015
Flor was recently hired by Midtown after completing her externship and is already voted Employee of the Month by her peers.

Flors’ nominations are for:
  • Being a hard worker with a good attitude and offering to help others when she is not busy.
  • Being awesome on blood draws.
  • Holding it down for the closing shift.
  • Working hard and always willing to help others with a smile on her face.
  • Being a team player with a positive, compassionate and professional approach.
  As an expression of our appreciation, Flor received gift cards to Macy’s and DSW from Midtown in the amount of $200.00.  She will also be attending the Colorado Women’s Chamber luncheon in September as Midtown's guest.
Dr Noel was nominated for staying late to treat patients-Thank you Dr. Noel!

Carlos Zapata was nominated for being a huge help this month, he has helped with kitchen duty when it wasn’t his designated week, with faxing andhe  helped to  look for charts, Thank You Carlos!  He was nominated for being the Midtown “MVP” for helping out wherever he is needed. He was also recognized for being a friend as well as co-worker and for being awesome to work with.   Carolina Morfin was nominated for covering in the payment entry position, “You are Awesome!”.  She was also recognized for doing a great job in billing while being willing to help in other departments and for helping at the MA desk and front desk during high patient volume. Christina Rodriguez was nominated for being a great supervisor; “she is very helpful with a positive attitude at all times”. Also for going above and beyond her supervisor role and being a team player in her department.  Christine Alvarado was nominated for covering for Christie while she was on vacation.  Diana Roque was nominated for being positive in tough situations and for having a personality that “motivates you to come in to work and make the best of it”.  She was also nominated for being knowledgeable in the billing department and for being available to help others.  Fidel Parra was nominated for answering questions, helping with the front desk and the MA desk, also for being helpful and friendlyJoanna Ibarra was nominated for being helpful to anyone that needs assistance including the front desk and medical records. “You Rock Jojo!”.  Karina Alvarez was nominated for consistently helping people without being asked, especially at the front desk.  She was also recognized for smiling and performing her new position with a positive attitude. “Awesome Job Karina!”.  Leticia Piria was nominated for providing help at the front desk without hesitating and giving her best. She was also nominated for being a team player outside of her department.  Maritza Guzman was nominated for helping out at the front desk and for caring for others (smile).  Michelle Martinez was nominated for providing help outside of her designated responsibilities to help make Midtown “Go”.  Nina Santana was nominated for being so helpful and patient at the front desk while we are in the hiring process. She was also recognized for her positive attitude. Veronica Perez was nominated for helping at the front desk so others could help cover the MA Desk.  For working hard in her new position, while being willing to help at the front desk. Also for “doing a wonderful job transitioning into Medical Records from the front desk and for being very dedicated to her work in Medical Records".
There is no doubt about it…Midtown is growing and it’s refreshing to see so many people being nominated for stepping up; stepping outside of their assigned duties to help others.