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Midtown Congratulates Svetlana Railsback

Employee of the Month

By Denise Pettenger - November 5, 2015


Svetlana applies herself and strives to do her best at whatever task is at hand.  She is very deserving of this Employee of the Month Award.

Svetlana’s nominations are for:
  • Being a hard worker since day one, she strives each day to become a better Medical Assistant
  • Going above and beyond to get work done
  • Helping out with tough blood draws…with a smile
  • Cleaning the spots off of the carpets
  • Being a hard worker
  • Always having a smile on her face
  • Keeping up with ordering of lab supplies
  • Being a team player and taking over with duties when others are called to interpret
  • Helps with stocking lab and treatment rooms and cleans them
  • Coming to work with a smile and a positive attitude
         As an expression of our appreciation, Svetlana received an Amazon gift card in the amount of $200.00.  She will also be attending the Colorado Women’s Chamber luncheon in November as Midtown's guest.
Carlos Zapata was nominated 9 times this month! His nominations are for having a great attitude and working hard.  For staying on top of shipments that come in from FedEx and stocking supplies.   For being responsible, for being good with patients and stocking medications.  He was also nominated for giving the BEST flu shot ever and for having a good attitude. For being willing to help his teammates. For always having a good attitude when at work and for not hesitating to help others when needed.  For helping in other departments when needed and keeping people laughing.  “He is a great team member, always helping others”.  Carlos was nominated twice for helping the front desk look for charts without hesitation. Nice work Carlos, your team appreciates you! Carolina Morfin was nominated for being a great worker.  “She is awesome and gets things done”. Christine Alvarado was nominated for being efficient at completing her work and having a great attitude. Dr. Noel was nominated again for cutting his lunch short to help with patient care. Fidel Parra was nominated for answering questions and being helpful, also for being a team player. Karina Alvarez was nominated for helping where needed.  For doing a great job taking calls while completing her other responsibilities and helping out the front desk. For working hard and being awesome on the phones while maintaining a positive attitude.  Also, for answering and paging calls with a happy, positive attitude.  For smiling and being polite while helping others and for helping out with drug testing when we are short staffed.  Israel Viurquez was nominated; “Thank you for doing an awesome job in the billing office while training.  You are a fast learner a do a great job!” Justin Shimkus was nominated for staying late on a Friday. For doing a good job with phone calls, for his upbeat mood and for being a hard worker, “Great addition to our team, Great attitude!”.  Mayra Morales was nominated for having a smile on her face and saying “Good Morning”.  Also, for staying positive even when her position can be overwhelming and for working hard on the ICD-10 codes. Maritza Guzman was nominated; “Thank you for helping in the Billing Department in your spare time!”  Nina Santana was nominated for doing a great job at the front desk and having a pleasant attitude. Randy Moreno-Chavez was nominated as our newest employee who works very hard and is more than happy to help in every department.  Ryan White was nominated for being so helpful without complaining and for doing a good job-always!  Veronica Perez was nominated for being an excellent addition to the Medical Records Department and still being willing to help at the front desk. Also “Veronica, you ROCK!  You are dedicated to the work you do and a great asset to Medical Records.
                      Nice nominations this month!!
Thank you to all who were nominated and to all who participated in nominating.