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Midtown Congratulates Carlos Zapata

Employee of the Month

By Denise Pettenger - December 7, 2015

Carlos is consistently nominated for Employee of the Month, last month he was nominated 9 times!  We are happy to see he won this month. 
Carlos was nominated for:
  • Always helping where needed, with a good attitude
  • Keeping up with the supply ordering in a timely manner
  • Being willing to help in other departments while still completing his duties
  • Being a great Medical Assistant
  • Helping to find charts
  • Possessing an upbeat attitude and having a positive influence on our team
  As an expression of our appreciation, Carlos received a Macy’s gift card in the amount of $200.00.  He will also be attending the Colorado Women’s Chamber luncheon in December as Midtown's guest.
Dr. Raschbacher was nominated 3 times this month.  “Thank you for helping with patient care in between your IME’s” and for helping out even though he has a lot of follow up visits- Thanks!  He was also nominated for always being helpful, there have been a number of times he has helped me.
Dr. Steinmetz was nominated this month for helping out with a DOT physical.
Christine Alvarado was nominated for covering for Christie Sanchez in her absence.  Joanna Ibarra was nominated for being a team player and helping to cover Christie’s position in addition to her Medical Assistant responsibilities.  She was nominated for being very responsible and taking care of the temperature on the vaccine refrigerator. Also, for being a fast learner and having a good attitude.  Karina Alvarez was nominated for doing a great job at her position while helping out wherever she is needed from start to finish.   Nina Santana was nominated for doing a great job at the front desk and for learning quickly during training in the Billing Department. Veronica Perez was nominated for working hard on getting caught up on dictations, also for getting all medical notes filed and caught up. "Great job Vero!"
We had less nominees this month, but overall a great year of nominations.  We have officially completed our first year of the Employee of the Month program.  Thank you to all who participated in nominating and “Congratulations” to all who won!