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Midtown Congratulates Karina Alvarez

January 2016 Employee of the Month

By Denise Pettenger - February 3, 2016

Karina Alvarez
Karina is consistently nominated by her peers on a monthly basis for Employee of the Month.
 What a fantastic way for her to start 2016!

Karina was nominated for:
  • Doing a great job answering incoming calls and assisting other’s with their responsibilities when they are busy
  • Doing a fantastic job covering for Medical Records when Veronica was out
  • Being willing to help in other departments while still completing her duties
  • Maintaining a positive attitude while helping others
  • Completing her responsibilities and helping Medical Records with faxing and filing
  • For remaining calm and being kind to others even when she is extremely busy
  • Accepting new responsibilities as a challenge and embracing the opportunity to grow
  As an expression of our appreciation, Karina received a Macy’s gift card in the amount of $200.00.  She will also be attending the Colorado Women’s Chamber luncheon in February as Midtown's guest.

Blanca Macias was nominated for her help with reviewing physical paperwork…with a smile. Bob Andrus was nominated for getting all the supply invoices into the computer system, Great job!  He was also nominated for helping with month end reports. Carolina Morfin was nominated twice for helping with downloading of dictaphones and sending out bills while Ana was out.  She was also nominated for doing a good job and staying positive.  Another nomination she received was for working hard with payment entry and for having a great attitude.  Christina Rodriguez was nominated multiples times!  For helping others get caught up with their work, also for having a positive attitude throughout month end and year end processes. In addition, she was nominated for helping with questions regarding appeals “Thanks”, and “Thank you” for helping payment entry with posting large checks.  Christie Sanchez was nominated for helping to cover incoming phone calls without being asked. Heather Duran was nominated for helping with straightening out the dictation reports.  Israel Viurquez was nominated for staying after his shift was over to help with drug screens and physicals when we were short staffed. Justin Shimkus was nominated for being an excellent Medical Assistant, also for being a great addition to the Midtown team. Maritza Guzman was nominated for excelling in her new role as Authorization Clerk.  She was also nominated for doing a great job in her new role while helping to cover other positions. Another nomination for Maritza was for helping to fax charts without asking when a co-worker was coming in late.  Mayra Morales was nominated for being willing to answer billing questions.  She was also nominated for helping to work on dictations and mailing bills, “You are awesome!”.  In addition, she was nominated 2 more times for being a team player and helping with payment entry.   Michelle Martinez was nominated for being a team player.  She was also nominated for doing her job well with an upbeat attitude.  Monica Flores was nominated for excelling in her role at the front desk.  She is pleasant and greets patients with a smile.  She is efficient and asks questions which insure the correct services are being performed.  Monica is definitely an asset to Midtown!   Randy Moreno was nominated for being a fast learner and a reliable co-worker when it comes to assisting or taking on new roles. “Great job Randy!” Ryan White was nominated for all the tasks he takes on, especially with the billing department.  “We are thankful to have someone like you!”  Veronica Perez was nominated, “Veronica is always busy but tries her hardest to help everyone with a positive attitude”.    Veronica was also nominated for helping with getting dictations signed and for working outside of her position and helping with incoming calls. 
We had a long list of nominees this month!  It’s good to see we are recognizing those who go above and beyond their daily responsibilities.  Thank you to all nominees for helping to increase the quality of services provided by Midtown Occupational Health Services PC.