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Midtown Congratulates Justin Shriver

Employee of the Month

By Denise Pettenger - March 3, 2016


Justin has been an exceptional Medical Assistant for Midtown since the day he walked through our doors for his externship program.  Needless to say, he was hired and  five months later has earned the Employee of the Month award.
Justin was nominated for:
  • Always staying busy and being such a hard worker
  • Helping out whenever he is asked, even if he is in the middle of doing something else
  • Being a team player
  • Always in a happy mood, no matter the circumstance
  • Taking time from his break to help out
  • Being on top of his work
  • Helping at the Medical Assistant desk when needed
  • For wearing a smile
  • Having the BEST attitude
  • Being professional yet fun and caring
  • For helping others out beyond his daily tasks  
As an expression of our appreciation, Justin received an REI gift card in the amount of $200.00.  He will also be attending the Colorado Women’s Chamber luncheon in March as Midtown's guest.
Richard Kraus was nominated for having a good attitude and for being very helpful with questions asked by the medical assistants. He takes great care of his patients and is a hard worker.
Carolina Morfin was nominated for having a great attitude, especially with accepting the challenge of changes in her department.  Christine Alvarado is doing an amazing job handling DPS & RTD.  She works with confidence and poise and is a positive reflection of Midtown.  She was also nominated for helping out at the front desk. Daniel Santos goes above and beyond outside of his Medical Assistant role to help out with authorizations and faxing M1’s to the employer in a timely manner.  He was also recognized for cleaning out the break room fridge.  Edgar Cruz was recognized for cleaning the break room fridge, he was the other half of the team.  Also, for cleaning the treatment rooms, checking out patients when it’s busy at the Medical Assistants desk.  For always stepping up and helping out wherever needed with interpreting and for helping out at the front desk .  Fidel Parra was nominated for helping out when needed, including at the front desk and other departments. Good job Fidel! Heather Duran was nominated for her amazing knowledge in modern technology “good job Heather”. Isreal Viurquez was nominated for being a hard worker, for possessing knowledge in his position, for being professional and for being a Very…Very…Very nice person.   Leticia Piria was nominated for helping out at the front desk. Mayra Morales was nominated for being willing to help answer questions, for working hard and for her smile which is part of her daily attire.   Michelle Martinez was recognized for her upbeat personality, making others laugh and for singing while she works. Monica Flores was nominated for doing a stellar job at the front desk.  She is professional, kind and smiles a lot.  She is also embracing her new task of training Jessica.  Nice work Monica!  Tanya Rickett was nominated for her excellent work with helping clients and helping to fix errors when she is approached with situations.
It’s always good to recognize those who excel around us.  Thank you to all of our nominees for your superior job performance!