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Midtown Congratulates Kristen Shiramizu

Employew of the Month

By Denise Pettenger - September 2, 2016

Kristen Shiramizu

Kristen was nominated for:
  • Being an awesome massage therapist
  •  Keeping the flow running smoothly in the therapy department
  • Keeping a smile on her face even on difficult days
  • Filing therapy notes with efficiency
  • Being a hard worker
  • Staying on top of things within the department
  • Being dependable
  • Willing to help out in all areas
  • A true professional!
  As an expression of our appreciation Kristen received an Amazon gift card in the amount of $200.00. She will also be attending the Colorado Women’s Chamber luncheon in October as Midtown’s guest.
Dr. Holmboe was thanked for calling a specialists office to get a patient in STAT even though he was not the referring or treating physician.  Thanks Dr. Holmboe!!!  

Blanca Macias was nominated for always being there to help and answer questions.  She helps out not only as a Client Service Rep but also at the front desk answering phones, checking in patients and making copies.  She is amazing at helping others outside of her role.  “I am grateful for her”.   Bob Andrus was nominated for being very helpful, also for being willing to stop what he is doing to help, we appreciate it!  Bob was nominated a third time for showing continual hard work, effort and determination, he was nominated a fourth time for teaching and sharing his knowledge with others so they can succeed in their roles. He was also nominated (yes, five times)  for helping with the Pinnacol Audits “You are awesome!”.    Carlos Zapata was nominated for having a positive outlook, even during stressful situations.  He was also nominated for getting others the supplies they need.  Christie Sanchez was nominated for helping the Medical Assistants when they are busy. Christina Rodriguez was nominated for her positive attitude while knocking out the work.   Fidel Parra was nominated for being willing to help in any department.  He was also nominated for helping out at the front desk while Monica was out and for being a good instructor to the students.   He was nominated a third time for being a team player, working hard while he is here and for staying late to help out.  Israel Viurquez was nominated for always being willing to help out.   Justin Shimkus was nominated for working hard-day in and day out.  Karina Alvarez was thanked for helping out with kitchen duty when it was not her week.  She was also nominated for being a team player and trying to help out in any situation.  Leticia Piria was nominated for helping out at the front desk with making coffee and for being a team player.  Maritza Guzman was nominated for helping with drug screens even though her desk was crazy busy. Mayra Morales was nominated for helping out with billing entry and covering Nina while she was out. She was also nominated two times for being a great team player and helping with payment entry “Muchas Gracias”.   Michael Brown was nominated 5 times!  He was nominated for working hard every day with a positive attitude and a big smile on his face, for helping with stocking and cleaning the lab, for helping with making coffee in the morning, for being a great addition to Midtown and for having a positive attitude when we are busy.  Nina Santana was nominated for covering at the front desk without being asked to.  Sandra Castellano was nominated for doing a good job at the front desk and for always smiling!
 This is outstanding!!! We had 15 nominees this month plus Dr. Holmboe.
August is back to school month and it was certainly a great time to shine. 
Thank you to all of our nominees!