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Midtown Congratulates Israel Viurquez

Employee of the Month

By Denise Pettenger - May 7, 2015

Israel Viurquez
April 2015

Israel was nominated for Employee of the Month by 8 different people this month! He is the medical assistant “Superman!”. He is also recognized for being a great team player; ALWAYS willing to help. One person nominated him because “Many clients give positive feedback on his positive attitude and good work ethics”. He helps to stock treatment rooms with supplies, for always having a smile on his face; for being helpful, for going “above and beyond” ALL the time, for being a “workaholic” and for coming in to work with a positive attitude!
Thanks Israel for being a great team player! As an expression of our appreciation, Midtown awarded Israel with a VISA gift card in the amount of $200.00 He will also be attending the Colorado Women’s Chamber luncheon in May as Midtown's guest.

Ana Velazquez was nominated for her positive attitude and for being willing to help in other departments such as drug screen collections. Blanca Macias was nominated for smiling while taking on new challenges with her client services role. Carlos Zapata was nominated for being such a great addition to Midtown, he keeps us going! Also for keeping the staff laughing, for putting a smile on our faces, for being a team player with the medical assistants, and for his great work performance. Chris Luscia was nominated for having a positive attitude and smiling. Christina Alvarado was nominated for “rocking it" with the patient referral authorizations and for covering the front desk when there are Medical Assistant meetings. Diana Rogue was nominated for helping with training on the drug screen batch. Dion Gonzales was nominated for being a great team player and a hard worker; for asking if help is needed and for helping to stock supplies. He was also nominated for patiently answering questions and for being a great teacher to our externs. Heather Duran was nominated for being such an asset to Midtown. She is energetic, efficient and leads the staff in a positive way! Jasmine Herrera was nominated for being willing to help and making sure things get done. Joanna Ibarra was nominated for being a great addition to the back office staff as a medical assistant. She was also nominated for her positive attitude and willingness to help. Karina Alvarez was nominated for always being helpful and such a wonderful support at both the front desk and Medical Assistant desk. She was also nominated for helping with a smile on her face. Matthew Edwards was nominated for volunteering to do a blood draw. Maritza Guzman was nominated for helping others to learn; for stopping to answer question no matter how busy she is and for working hard with a smile on her face. Svetlana Railsback was nominated for working hard to keep Midtown spotless and covering for the X-Ray department. Also for making sure the drug screen collections go to the correct lab.
We had a lot of nominees again this month and many of those nominations were for people who worked with a "smile on their face". This is a reflection of the care we give and the optimal environment we work in. Thank you to all submitted this month's nominees and acknowledging those who are exceptional.