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More Introductions to our Midtown Occupational Health Services Staff

Apology to Elizabeth Nash

By Denise Pettenger - November 10, 2014

Good Afternoon!
I feel like a bona fide blogger as I need to make a correction (and an apology) from my first blog post.  There was an error made in the number of our physical therapists in my 11/7/2014 blog. It could have been intentional (so I can emphasis the fact that we have  FIVE physical therapists instead of four)  but it wasn't.  I'd like to  introduce you to Elizabeth Nash who is one of our five physical therapists, "I apologize Ellie for accidently omitting you.".  Hopefully I am more thorough with the introductions to our remaining staff, sometimes it seems as though Midtown is growing quicker than the weather changes in Denver!  
Wishing you a safe, warm and short commute home...