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Midtown Congratulates Mayra Morales

Employee of the Month

By Denise Pettenger - November 3, 2016


Mayra Morales


Mayra was nominated for:
  • Assisting with billing entry and payment entry
  • Having a positive attitude that rubs off on others
  • Being willing to help wherever she is needed
  • Being an awesome team player
  • Helping with opening the mail
  • Being upbeat and creating laughter
  • Helping out with month end reports
  • She is the BEST at putting smiles on people’s faces
  • Putting her own work aside to help others who need immediate assistance
  • Being dependable
  As an expression of our appreciation for being an outstanding employee, Mayra received a Forever 21 gift card in the amount of $200.00. She will also be attending the Colorado Women’s Chamber luncheon in November as Midtown’s guest.

 Blanca Macias was nominated for being a great communicator with the Medical Assistants. “You rock Blanca!”  Carlos Zapata was nominated for being a good team worker and for being focused and organized with patient care.  Daniel Santos was nominated and thanked for being so helpful with the move and insisting on helping his co-workers.  You are appreciated! Daniel was also nominated for all his hard work assembling desks and for going "above and beyond" to help with the move. “Thank you Daniel!”  Dion Gonzales was nominated for being a great supervisor, great communicator and a hard worker. “Great job Dion!”  Flor Contreras was nominated for being willing to help; to train, to show, to revise, to…anything.  She is super fun to work with and is always positive.  Her smile and laugh are contagious and I enjoy working around her positive energy.  Israel Viurquez was nominated for being a team player and helping out wherever he is needed. “Thank You Izzo!”.  Joanna Ibarra was nominated for keeping up with her doctor, being a hard worker, being patient and having the ability to multi task.   Justin Shimkus was nominated for being an all around great guy.  He is willing to answer questions and to demonstrate the proper procedure.  He is a hard worker with a great personality.  Justin also acknowledges when others are doing a great job; he is the definition of a true ”co-worker”.  Kevin Kirsch was thanked for being the chart runner during the transition of moving the clinic.  “Kevin-you are the BEST!” Thank you.  Leticia Piria was nominated for making coffee for the front desk. Nina Santana was nominated for being a team player and helping out wherever needed.  “You are an awesome team player”.  Richard Kraus was nominated for performing a large volume of physical examinations and not complaining.  He was also nominated for having a great attitude.  Ruby Padilla was nominated for helping wherever she is needed with a smile on her face.   Sandra Castellano was nominated for being a quick learner, for asking questions and for being willing to be taught.  She was also nominated for being knowledgeable and able to accept constructive criticism. 
 Thank you to the entire Midtown staff for helping us relocate to our new building!