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Midtown Congratulates Sandra Castellano

Employee of the Month

By Denise Pettenger - December 2, 2016

Sandra Castellano

Sandra was nominated for:
  • Staying late to help out when short staffed
  • Being a great co-worker and team-player
  • Having a positive attitude
  • Being a good teacher and great example
  • Helping with drug screens and physicals
  • Being a professional with both patients and co-workers
  • Jumping right in when help is needed-not thinking twice
  • Being a hard worker with a positive attitude
  • Helping others learn front desk responsibilities
  • Being focused and enjoyable to work with
  • Working with a smile on her face and a happy disposition
  As an expression of our appreciation for being an outstanding employee, Sandra received a Target gift card in the amount of $200.00. She will also be attending the Colorado Women’s Chamber luncheon in December as Midtown’s guest.

Bob Andrus was nominated several times! He was nominated for being such a huge help during the move.  “You have gone above and beyond with our move and helping everyone get settled.  We can’t thank you enough….Thanks for EVERYTHING you do, Bob!”  Bob was nominated for his continuous hard work not only with the billing department but also during the relocation.  He was nominated again for “being an awesome person who always exceeds expectations, we appreciate everything you do Bob”.   He was also thanked for staying extended hours to get us up and running in our new location, “you are a blessing”.  Carlos Zapata was nominated for being a great co-worker and his assistance on busy days.  He was also nominated for stocking and ordering special request supplies.  Carlos was also nominated for being a great assistant to his doctor. Carolina Morfin was nominated for her help with payment entry and for her help with batch entry.  She was also nominated for helping with month end including data entry-payment, billing and batch entry.  “You rock!”  Chris Luscia was nominated for being a great co-worker and always being helpful (especially with the move), eager to learn and being fun to work with. He was also nominated for his unwavering patience and calmness during turbulent times.  For his continuous help with arranging computers and the therapy office while keeping a smile on his face.  “Chris is the BEST”! Flor Contreras was nominated for being a good teacher and being willing to cover where she is needed.  For being positive and helping others to be positive.  She was also nominated for helping others when needed even though she is busy and she was nominated for being a hard worker while having a smile on her face.  “Thank you Florisita”. Israel Viurquez was nominated for staying late and helping with a walk in injury.  He was also nominated for always being willing to help, to answer questions and to cover where needed.  He was nominated a third time for checking with the drug screen and physical services to see if they need help and for his smile!  “I greatly appreciate him”.  Izzy was nominated a fourth time for being an amazing co-worker in both the drug screen and patient care arena’s. Justin Shimkus was also nominated multiple times;  for being super awesome to work with as he has great work ethic and respect.  He is fun to work with and is always willing to help even if he is busy.  He also helps with drug screens and physicals along with patient care.  He was nominated for being a hard worker with a positive attitude and a smile. Justin was also nominated for excelling in training others and being a big help “Thank you for all your help!”  AND… for being a happy guy. Mike Brown was nominated for helping out with drug screens and physicals even though he is busy with his doctor.  Monica Flores was nominated for being such a huge help with the physical and drug screen side.  Monica helps with printing packets, and calling to check and see if we need coverage.  “She is super sweet, assertive and fun, we appreciate you Mon!” She was also nominated for making other peoples jobs easier. “You are awesome!”   Ruby Radilla was nominated for being willing to do anything she is asked, while smiling.  “She is super sweet and that is a great quality”. 
Warmest Wishes for Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year 
from Midtown Occupational Health Services