About Midtown Occupational Health Services

Who We Are

Midtown Occupational Health Services has been providing quality health care since 1982. We work closely with our clientele and believe communication is the key to efficient, cost-effective care. We are aggressive in our return-to-work philosophy and offer a one-on-one relationship with our doctors and physician assistants.
Although we are a walk-in injury care clinic, we are NOT an urgent care facility. Midtown specializes in work related injury care, but does not perform private healthcare services.

Midtown’s friendly and courteous staff will make your experience a positive one, with bilingual staff members to ensure there is always someone available to translate in Spanish.

Our Level II Accredited Physicians

Lon Noel, MD
Marc Steinmetz, MD, MPH
Larry Cedillo, DO
Craig Anderson, MD
John Raschbacher, MD
Kirk Holmboe, DO
Braden Reiter, DO 

Our Physician Assistants

Richard Kraus, PA