Midtown Occupational Health Services

Established since 1982

Injury care with an emphasis on communication between all parties is an integral part of our service.

Having an injury care provider who emphasizes early return to work is imperative. Midtown Occupational Health Services has the capability to combine physician care with onsite rehabilitation services for a team approach to providing cost-effective treatment.



Our Mission

Midtown Occupational Health Services has been established since 1982, as an all-inclusive, single site entity.

Our focus is on the highest level of the standard of continuity of care. Our team knows the importance of communication necessary in caring for injured employees and providing timely, accurate, medical decisions through aggressive diagnostics.

Our goal is to provide optimal occupational health services to facilitate in the maximum recovery of an injured employee.

Returning them back to work safely, in a timely manner, so that they can become once again an asset to their family and to the community.


Dr. Cedillo

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