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Thus, it’s imperative that you develop a comprehensive and efficient program to get your employees back to work as quickly as possible without sacrificing the quality of their treatment.


Our caring and dedicated staff of professionals has extensive education and experience in physical and occupational therapy and injury rehabilitation. They recognize the importance of focusing on the patient’s individual needs and provide customized work injury care. Our team’s ultimate goal is to restore a maximum level of function and help prevent re-injury.


Midtown physicians perform Independent Medical Evaluations and Impairment Ratings in addition to employer pre-placement examinations, DOT and OSHA required physicals.


Having an injury care provider who emphasizes early return to work. This includes instant urine drug testing plus breath alcohol testing (EBT). Breath Alcohol Testing, DOT Compliance Drug and Alcohol Testing, Hair Follicle Drug Testing, Job Specific Drug Testing, Off site MRO Services, Pre-Employment Drug Testing, Post Accident Drug Testing, Random and Follow-up Drug Testing, Rapid Drug Testing.

Comprehensive Workplace Health Solutions by Midtown Occupational Health

Midtown Occupational Health has been Denver Colorado’s leading doctor-owned provider of medical services, recovery and physical therapy for workplace since 1982. Our approach is partner driven – we work with employers, injured employees and insurance agencies to create win-win agreements and treatment plans to help workers recover and get back to work in the shortest time possible and with the best outcomes.

We also work with companies to aid in creating safe worksites through compliant random drug and alcohol testing. If your business is just beginning the process of implementation we can help you create compliant practices and employee handbook policies as your roll out your program.

Independent medical evaluations are an important part of the process in recovery from occupational injury. These evaluations test capacity based on international standards to objectively identify an employee’s capacity. These tests help determine ability and readiness to return to work.

Medical Record Reviews help to document capacity prior to an injury and to document what treatments were provided following an injury or health condition.

If you are an employer or injured employee, contact us directly at the phone number below.

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