Drug & Alcohol Screening at Midtown Occupational Health

Denver Drug & Alcohol Screening.


At Midtown Occupational Health Services in Denver, Colorado we offer both regulated and non-regulated DOT drug and alcohol screening. This includes instant urine drug testing plus breath alcohol testing (EBT).

  • · DOT Compliance Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • · Breath Alcohol Testing
  • · Pre-Employment Drug Testing
  • · Post Accident Drug Testing
  • · Random and Follow-up Drug Testing
  • · Rapid Screen Drug Testing
  • · Hair Follicle Drug Testing
  •   Job Specific Drug Testing
  •   MRO Services

We also offer random drug and alcohol program administration for companies in need of this service. We also have an in-house Medical Review Officer (MRO). So call us today and talk to us about your drug and alcohol screening needs.