How to Recover from On-the-Job Injuries

You do your best to ensure workplace accidents don’t happen. But injuries can occur when you least suspect them. When they do, it’s important to see that your employees recover and get back to work swiftly, and with solid outcomes from treatment and recovery. Lost time means lost revenue, for both employers and their workforce. But rushing a return to work can cause secondary damage and further injuries. When you partner with Midtown Occupational Health Services to provide comprehensive care, you save time and money while keeping your employees healthy. We provide injury recovery treatment and therapy with expert in-house physicians, massage therapists, occupational therapists, and chiropractors.

We offer specialized, individual recovery services that help your employees get back on their feet. There are three basic levels of care every patient needs; injury treatment, rehabilitative therapy, and follow-up. Midtown provides all three services in-house so you don’t have to chase records, play phone tag, or get passed around from facility to facility. Delay in care equals delay in recovery, which leads to lower employee morale. That’s why it’s critical to have a plan in place with the right occupational therapy provider before injuries happen. Here’s what you can expect from Midtown Occupational Health Services.


When someone is injured, Midtown provides injury recovery, which is the first step in the return-to-work process. We diagnose the injury by thoroughly examining the affected area, listening to the patient’s concerns, and building an effective treatment plan. Then, we begin comprehensive occupational injury care. You’ll have one point of contact from beginning to end. We don’t outsource, so you don’t have to wait on a third party to get the information you need.

Injuries resulting from a fall, sharp objects, or machinery usually happen fast and require immediate care. But other injuries aren’t so obvious. Repetitive stress disorders build up over time and can wear down joints, cause chronic pain, and lead to long-term disability. Catching unsafe conditions and providing treatment early on is a key part of treatment. Midtown helps evaluate workplace conditions to identify the causes of repetitive stress. Then, we suggest ways to mitigate the risk of long-term injury and provide proper safety training.


Once an injury heals, the next stage is therapy to recover strength, flexibility, and performance. We provide a range of therapy options, including chiropractors and massage therapists. Physical therapy helps ensure the employee is ready to return to work with a reduced risk of re-injury. Primary injuries often trigger secondary injuries as the employee adjusts their movements to avoid pain. Instead of focusing just on healing the injured body part, physical therapy works to rehabilitate the supporting muscle and skeletal systems, returning flexibility and range of motion.

Occupational therapy is a type of physical therapy that helps re-develop everyday skills like walking, preparing meals, and shoveling the sidewalk. Midtown Occupational Health Services tailors our occupational therapy to the individual’s job. We look at everyday tasks and provide healthy alternatives to avoid chronic overuse of joints and muscles. As much as we love to see our patients, we don’t want them to return with another injury! Physical and occupational therapy can help make sure that doesn’t happen.


At Midtown, we take care of you and your employees throughout the healing process. Once a person leaves therapy, we provide follow-up care. This care includes any office visits needed to check for re-injury. It also includes careful record-keeping and data retention. Employers can use this data to identify trends in workplace injuries and make safety improvements. This also ensures continuity of care. Because we keep treatment and therapy in-house, all employee records are kept in one place, easy to access when needed.

Midtown also provides drug screening, physical, and specialty exams that can serve to protect all the employees in your workforce. We can screen recovering employees before they return to work to make sure they aren’t at risk of injuring themselves or others. We also provide pre-employment screenings to identify potential risks before they become a problem. The best medicine is prevention, and when you work with Midtown to develop workplace safety protocols, you save money in potential damages, lost productivity, and employee retention.

Treatment, therapy, and follow-up care are key to getting your employees back on their feet, happier and more productive. To minimize long-term challenges for the injured employee, it’s important to follow the process all the way through, but in an efficient, objectively measured way. Midtown does that, reducing instances of costly mediation or litigation, getting workers back to work, and providing safety managers with the data necessary to mitigate future risk.

Contact Midtown Occupational Health Services today to make us a preferred provider on your list for treatment and recovery. You can reach us by phone at 303-831-9393 or on our contact page.

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