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At Midtown Occupational Health Services in Denver, Colorado we offer both regulated and non-regulated DOT drug and alcohol screening.

Having an injury care provider who emphasizes early return to work. This includes instant urine drug testing plus breath alcohol testing (EBT). Breath Alcohol Testing, DOT Compliance Drug and Alcohol Testing, Hair Follicle Drug Testing, Job Specific Drug Testing, Off site MRO Services, Pre-Employment Drug Testing, Post Accident Drug Testing, Random and Follow-up Drug Testing, Rapid Drug Testing.

Alcohol Screening

Drug Testing

Random alcohol screening and drug testing protocols

Why choose Midtown Occupational HealthMidtown Occupational Health takes a comprehensive approach to workplace occupational health and injury recovery. As part of that services, we provide drug screening and alcohol testing along with work or regulatory mandated physicals, and treatment for workplace injuries. By coordinating services, managers gather clearer data about workplace safety, worker attributes, and capacity-related risks that could lead to workplace injury. With better data comes greater clarity and the opportunity for better decision-making regarding workplace safety protocols. As physician-owned, we are able to do things differently, including the consolidation of records under one roof. That means businesses and safety managers get clearer data faster with less run around between clinics, testing facilities, and records management providers.

Consolidate your random drug and alcohol program administration through Midtown Occupational Health and see the difference starting today. Call us to discuss your drug and alcohol screening needs.

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