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Employee drug testing has become a common practice and for good reason. Most businesses have adopted pre-employment drug screening to not only reduce their risk of liability but also to ensure employee productivity and workplace safety.

Employers subjecting employees to random drug testing midtown are less likely to experience problems related to drugs or alcohol at work. With the rise of midtown marijuana dispensaries and the legalization of medical cannabis, it’s important for employers with employees to be aware of how prevalent drug use is in their cities, both recreational and medicinal.

Drug screening is an important part of the hiring process

Drug screening can be a great way to ensure that the candidate you are considering is a good fit for the job. Not only does it help weed out those who have a history with drugs and alcohol, but it also helps to reduce liability for the company in case anything should happen mid-shift. There are still some questions as to whether or not drug testing is an invasion of privacy, but its prevalence in midtown workplaces should make employers aware of just how commonplace drug use is in midtown.  If you’re looking for occupational health services, Midtown occupational health services have what you need!

The types of drugs that are screened for in a pre-employment drug test

A drug test that a company must perform on prospective employees is not just limited to marijuana, amphetamines, and cocaine. There are many different types of drugs that require a look before you hire someone. Midtown occupational health services are here for you, helping you understand your options and take care of the process with ease.

Pre-employment drug screening can help employers avoid liability

Drug testing has been an important part of the employer and employee screening process for many years. Pre-employment drug screenings are often required by law and can help avoid potential liability issues.

Even if you have no desire to drug test every applicant, it is wise to use Midtown job physicals as part of the interview process. This helps you identify potential drug problems and weed out applicants who might have an issue with drugs or alcohol that could affect their performance on the job. Since many ailments are also early signs of drug use, midtown occupational health services can offer your business an additional level of privacy protection through medical testing while providing peace of mind for employees concerned about potential future litigation.

Drug testing can protect both employees and employers | Pre-employment Drug Screening in Denver, CO

In order to continue being an employer, it’s important that you are able to protect your company from lawsuits by conducting occupational health services. A drug test will determine whether or not someone is using dangerous substances before they’re hired, which prevents accidents and illnesses on the job. Drug testing is a form of safety for all parties involved-employees and employers alike!

If you are looking for pre-employment drug testing for yourself or for your possible employers, you should contact Midtown Occupational Health Services. They conduct drug testings in Denver, CO, to help businesses and employers.

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